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Rodney Hall - Boeing 787 Captain

"Thanks for generously sharing your book. I’ll be interested in it for sure, as a long haul pilot, sleep is so important to try and manage.... emphasis, try! I have to admit to successfully using your technique when in my crew bunk on some occasions. When you fly all night and get a two hour break, the desire to sleep is high, but the minds cooperation is often low. "


Sarah Twisleton - Beech 1900D Captain

"I tried the technique when you introduced it to us in November and I did find it helpful so am keen to read and practice it again. Cheers"


Stuart Holland - Boeing 777 First Officer

"Jo and I have tried your technique and found it successful. Previously I would run through some music in my head and end up sleeping. As long as the music wasn’t too active. Surprisingly I would wake up sometimes knowing where I entered sleep in the tune. Regarding your technique, I run through the process and feel myself wavering off and I guess sleep follows."


Lachie Rice - Bombardier Q300 Captain

Spending a third of your life trying to sleep is a large investment. So you look for returns and in doing so you research the opportunities to increase the odds. This book is an investment, opportunity, and researched tool to take full advantage of your sleeping investment."


Allan Udy - Publisher

"When Allan (Baker) first asked if we'd publish this book, I had no hesitancy in agreeing as I'd already found that BLIS works. Allan had previously explained the technique to me and I'd practiced and experimented with it over the course of a few weeks, and was delighted to find that when I often woke at 3:00-4:00AM, I was now able to get myself back to sleep easily. If you have trouble getting to sleep, or if you're one of the many peeople who wake in the early hours of the morning and struggle to get back to sleep, then you owe it to yourslef to grab a copy of this book, and learn the BLIS™ technique."