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BLIS™ For Insomniacs - by Allan Baker


Do You Have Trouble Getting To Sleep?

Do You Wake Up In The Early Hours Of The Morning?

Do You Want To Be In Control Of Your Sleep?


BLIS™ is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!


This is an easy to learn How-To-Get-To-Sleep technique for everyone whose lives are impacted by broken or too little sleep.


This book presents a breakthrough new technique developed by Allan Baker, an aviation psychologist with over 35 years of professional experience, that will enable you to be more in control of your sleep, and will ensure you’ll get more sleep when you want and need it.

Working extensively with commercial pilots who often have sleep related issues, Allan has considerable experience in the psychology of sleep. In recent years he’s joined the dots presented in numerous scientific studies, and has made a discovery that has previously eluded sleep researchers – the fact that you can learn to flip your own Sleep Switch.

In addition to looking at existing sleep therapies and their effectiveness, BLIS™ For Insomniacs discusses this new discovery and shows how you can treat getting to sleep as a skill, so that it’s something you can do at will, rather than something that merely happens to you.

“When you take charge of your sleep, you’re able to bring it on, actively, deliberately, rather than passively waiting for it to come along. This new technique helps you do that."


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The Three-Legged Sleep Stool

Currently, Sleep Hygiene and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) are widely expounded as being the most effective treatments for insomnia. Allan proposes that these are just two legs of a three-legged Sleep Stool, and because the third leg has been missing until now, these therapies have not been effective for many people.

Using the new BLIS™ technique in addition to the other two legs of the Sleep Stool provides troubled sleepers with a solid foundation to be able to bring on sleep, as easily as flipping on a switch.

BLIS Cover

ISBN: 978-0-473-52117-2

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Allan says...

Allan Many people suffer from either not enough sleep, or broken sleep, and they’re often lying awake at night desperately trying to get (back) to sleep. This book provides details on my newly developed BLIS™ Technique for getting to sleep, and describes the scientific literature and established principles that have helped shape the development of this new and exciting technique.

I hope that the information provided in this book will help you learn how to turn your Sleep Switch on, and to gain and enjoy many additional hours of BLISfull sleep. Allan Baker

There Are Many Strange Things About Wanting To Go To Sleep

One of the challenges is to achieve a conscious state that makes sleep inevitable, while at the same time avoiding having awareness of it happening.

My BLIS™ technique turns taking sleep into an active process. A simple active process that takes attention way from drifting off, while at the same time making it inevitable. It’s a bit like the observation that Woody Allen made about dying. He said he didn’t mind it happening as long as he wasn’t there at the time.

Think of the problem this way: if we did have an infallible sleep switch available to us, would we use it?

Would we really want to flip a switch that turned us from being aware and in control, to a state of having no awareness and a total loss of control?

The technique I’ve created for you does two things: It makes it much more likely that you will go to sleep by employing an active process (i.e. it's something you do rather than passively waiting for sleep to come), and at the same time it distracts you from the sensation of going to sleep, which would keep you awake!

After some practice you'll develop the confidence that sleep will happen while you're not ‘there’ (i.e. when you're not concentrating on getting to sleep). That's worth the price of admission alone! I've shown that an active mental state is not a barrier to sleep, and paradoxically, such an active process can lead to the ‘gaps’ between thoughts that Buddhists spend years trying to achieve. If this sounds intriguing, then buy the e-book now, or if you prefer a hard copy you can buy the Paperback edition here.